Case Study - Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge— Pre-loaded Pamphlets

The client approached us with a problem common to many pharmaceutical companies in the industry—how to insert FDA-required information pamphlets into packages and make them easy to remove. Gluing was not an option because of the threat of tearing. Further complicating the matter was the client’s need to monitor, track and ensure 100% of the cartons contained the correct pre-loaded pamphlet. They had approached a variety of other vendors and been told quite simply, “it can’t be done.”

The Johnson Solution—

Our award-winning structural design team quickly and expertly presented the client with a solution. They developed a machinable carton with an extra panel that would securely hold the pamphlet, but easily release it for end-user inspection. No glue. No tearing. Best of all, the product could be machine loaded without interference. It was a simple, yet ingenious solution so in demand by the pharmaceutical industry that we’ve patented it.

Our structural engineers, quality control and finishing departments stepped up next. They designed a manufacturing process that would automatically insert the pamphlets into the cartons at high speed. Additionally, they included scanners that would monitor each carton, assuring pamphlet inclusion in every package.

The Results—

The new system allowed the client to eliminate two positions from their packaging line, while increasing packaging speeds and netting the client substantial cost savings. Needless to say, they were thrilled.







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